How to add ad code in WordPress | AdSense

You like to monetize your website/blog here is how to add ad code in WordPress even though I am concentrating only one AdSense or Google ads you can use it for others as well

A Code needs to be added in the head or header section of your site. After that, it is in the hands of the ad networks, in this case, it’s Google AdSense

FIRST, log in to your blog and click on the plugins option from your dashboard

SECOND, It will have three options after it expands and clicks on add new

THIRD, Search for ads in the box next to the keyword and Install and activate Ad Inserter. I am familiar with this but you can use others if you want

FOURTH, After this, go back again to Plugins and this time choose installed plugins

FIFTH, Just below Ad Inserter click on the bottom of the settings for more customization

LASTLY, Gear icon > Header > Paste or Add your Adsense code > Turn on the button which will become green in color > save settings


This process can also be used to add ad code as well if you want to add them directly in PHP but it’s not recommended because of new updates from WordPress will be released and could compromise you site

I just added this part for information purpose only but will not be responsible if something happens to your website/blog

FIRST, log in to your blog and click on the appearance option

SECOND, It will expand with multiple options and click on Theme editor which is the last option

LASTLY, Look for Theme editor on the under theme files, add your code just below the <head> tag and upload file

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