How to add a new website in Google analytics

Have a site here is a tutorial on how to add or use a new website in Google analytics. You need to have a cookie consent or cookie policy page including others which are necessary for a site It doesn’t matter whether it’s a new or old blog. My niche is about blogging so, it would be for making an account for your site even though it can be used for apps as well

To put it in simple words it would be to collect data on how people or readers interact with your website content and does it help or serve its purpose


Yes, The only thing you need to have or do is create your own/business Google Gmail account which is, of course, free as well. It will take you a few minutes to make or create one


The basic Google Analytics reports for you to look, learn and understand are:

a) Real-time: This will show you the real-time (Readers or people who are on your website right now) view of your traffic

b) Audience: This will show you reports to help understand your users

c) Acquisition: This will show where your users come from to your website

d) Behavior: This will show reports what users do after they arrive or land on your website

e) Conversion: This will show how you are doing against your goals

FIRST, open your browser and search for analytics and click on the first listing

SECOND, click on the signup button which is the first option from your right

THIRD, Enter a name or username for your account and click on the Next button at the bottom

FOURTH, By default, it will choose web the first option if not click on it

LASTLY, Enter the name of your website > The URL or Domain of your website > select a topic which correlates your niche > change the reporting time to the country you reside or it will be the U.S.A by default

After that, click on create button


You have to option to add up to 50 properties (website) and have 25 views (users) for one Analytics account.

FIRST, Login or go to your dashboard, click on the gear icon and choose to create a property button

SECOND, By default, it will pick or choose the web and click on the continue button

LASTLY, Enter or add your website/blog name, URL or domain name, choose the industry category and timezone according to where you live or reside

Click create button

If you want or need to switch between the account for your different sites, you can expand All Web Site Data option by clicking on it

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