How to show a popular post on Blogger

This blog post will be making a tutorial on how to show/display a popular post on Blogger. It just simply means to show your most view or popular posts from your blog be shown on every page of your blog. It may be important to you or not.

There are a maximum of ten (10) blog posts can be promoted in every page of your blog posts through the sidebar

FIRST, Go to your blogger blog, from the options in the left side of your interface look for layout and click it

SECOND, When you are in the layout section you will see options with add a gadget in display in the layout section of your blogger blog. Pick a place where you want to promote your popular post or most view from your blogger blog

THIRD, You will have a pop-up page with multiple options to choose from among them search for popular posts. Scroll through your options, once you found it choose and click on popular posts

LASTLY, a) Title-In your pop-up page with the title with popular pages, that is in default mode but you can change it if you want

b) Most viewed – with options All-time means most view from all your blog posts

Last year means the most popular posts from your blog posts last year

Last 30 (thirty) days means the most popular or viewed in the last 30 (thirty) days and

Last 7 days means the most popular or viewed in the last 7 (seven) days

c) Show- The post title will be shown by default

if you want to shown the post thumbnail image you can tick the box or vice versa

if you want show the snippet of the posts you can tick the box or vice versa

Display option is to customize the amount of posts you want to show on your sidebar. It can show a maximum 10 and minimum 1 post

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