How to change admin on Blogger

A guide on how do I change the administrator/admin on Blogger. Even though it’s an obvious one anyone who has a Gmail account can make a blog on bloggers through their e-mail.

As per my expectation, you would already know what the dashboard or interface look like and have access to everything on that blog if your the owner or admin while as an Author you will only have access to basics like create a new post, edit, delete posts and some of the settings option

FIRST, log in to your blogger and click on the Settings option on the left side of your interface

SECOND, Scroll down, look for permission section and click on the blog admins and authors

THIRD, A popup page which says blog admins and authors will be shown and click on triangle shape which is horizontal to admin/author-name

LASTLY, Choose the option admin and click on the save text at the bottom right side

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