How to add featured image in WordPress

The guide you need on how to add a featured image in WordPress without a plugin from the frontend. When we create a post/article in most cases we are likely to add/paste multiple images/photos in every post/article.

There will be one specific image/photo for every post/article you write to be the featured or main one which will be synonymous to it

FIRST, open the post/page you want to add featured image/photo, on the right side of your interface, choose document if it’s not chosen by default and click on featured image option

SECOND, After it expands, click on set featured image or anywhere on the rectangle box

THIRD, A popup page will be shown, click on select files button to browse through for your computer for an image/photo or you can do a drag and drop

LASTLY, After you upload the image/photo and click on set featured image button on the lower right side


FIRST, Go the post/pages you want to remove the featured image/photo from, in the right side of your interface choose the document and click on the featured image

LASTLY, Click on the text remove featured image which is red in color below the image and don’t forget to update your post/page again which is at the upper right side

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