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Here is the reason why Facebook blocked blog post or bloggers. I have come across this query or question before writing this blog post multiple times.

Before that, I have a vague memory of why it became difficult to share posts/articles/videos, etc. now unless you are a known brand/person.

It was the time when ads feature was first introduced by Facebook where you can run a sponsored or promotion for your content such as blog posts, articles, videos, etc.

At that time there were a lot of fake contents promoted and share which is why Facebook received backlash from Governments

The was the main reason behind this is to stop curb fake news or content. where it became difficult to share your contents on the platform

Here is the solution or answer to your question or query

This can be applied to Whatsapp and Instagram because it is owned by Facebook


It is applicable to all bloggers whether you use WordPress, Blogger etc.

The most important one you need now on your website/blog is the Privacy Policy for your site. Which you can add it to the Pages option which is similar to creating a blog post

There are a few more Pages I would recommend you to add to your website/blog such as Disclaimer, Terms & Conditions, About and Contact form is optional which will depend on your business type

You can generate/create/make them for yourself from these site Privacy Policy Generator or Termsfeed. It is free for an individual but will cost you some money for business on Termsfeed

As for the About us page, you can use this service volusion to generate one for your website/blog for free. If possible I would recommend you to create/make it for yourself

A few basics information will be required like a website name, Domain name or URL and E-mail which will be incorporated

This will make your website/blog ready and prepared for monetization as well

From my own personal experience, it works like a charm

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