Entropay virtual credit card | A user guide

ENTROPAY is a virtual credit card service available for online payments. It has a user of more than 2 million and is running for more than 13 years as an online virtual card for payments.

It has the latest technology and security mechanism which provides you with the best security for your personal information. As we all are worried about the security of our personal information when we use an online transaction for purchasing goods. It is accepted where visa cards are accepted anywhere around the world and in any country. 

I am sure there are countries where your cards are not meant for international transactions for online payments. entropy is free virtual credit for online payments which is, of course, a free service but it will cost you a small fraction of your money for the transactions you make through entropay. The card can be created when you need them and can be deleted when you don’t need them.


ENTROPAY will no longer work in different parts of the world including Norway from 31st October 2018. It will become exclusive to the European Union or Europe. I think it is because of laws and restrictions. The money you have as your balance can still be used. 

I won’t say it’s a con but for your information, it can protect your personal information +99% from a fraudster. It is still a small chance of less than 1% for a fraudster to acquire enough information to make a transaction on your behalf without you knowing about it. I just added this just for information purposes only. By the end of the day, it is still as secure as a bank.

I have added some pricing of using Entropay service details in the picture about using entropy as an online payment mode for purchasing goods online. I think it better to use entropy service for online transactions for international payments and not have to be worried about the security of your personal information is a compromise.

I highly recommend using the service for keeping your personal information safe when you make an online international transaction for payments of goods


FIRST, Go to your browser and search for Entropay

SECOND, Sign up using your e-mail account from which you will receive your confirmation mail for an account in entropay. I  will leave the part where information is to be added. Which I’m sure you all are familiar adding you details

THIRD, Once you have access to entropay look for CREATE CARD on your left side of your Entropay account

FOURTH, Enter the name for your card could be your real full or short name of your choice

FIFTH, Scroll down you will find a top-up button and click on it for a top-up of your card.

SIXTH, Just choose the default option given by entropy or a top-up method using CREDIT OR DEBIT CARD and add top-up to your card option will be sure to select card.

LASTLY, Enter your card details and information to top-up your Entropay card for making an international transaction or online transaction where VISA cards are accepted. The Entropay card will work anywhere VISA cards are accepted.


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