Email Marketing for Beginners

Email marketing for Beginners as per my understanding of the subject matter will be giving you a guide or tutorial according to my knowledge. You can be based as an individual or organization that delivers content to their inbox which in this case it is directly sent to them through their email account.

The stuff which is delivered to your customer or potential can be a commercial message or your blog posts. Which can only be possible when an individual or group of people gave you their consent to receive content from you or your organization.

I will be using social networks as an example it doesn’t mean it is right or correct. I am using them because its something everyone is familiar with and I think it would be a great example to use them. It seems to be a good material you can use to understand the concept or idea of it.

There is a lot to choose or pick from but I will be using only two of them. The two social networks are :

a) YouTube

b) Facebook


I would say the most popular streaming site for videos. You can find videos for every possible topic or subject. They are all run by people like you and me. The best part about it is you can earn money from it.

Here, I would take you to the point. Let’s take there is a YouTube channel where it has subscribers. It will get views but the view it gains might be slow because the subscribers might not get a notification.

After subscribing to a YouTube channel. The owner or the people who run the channel might suggest you click the bell icon that makes the people who subscribe to the channel get a notification which means a new video is uploaded by the channel owners.

It is the most populous social network in the world. It is highly possible you have an account or you had an account. There are lots of pages which specialized in different topics as you can update post in different formats.

It is adding a feature to monetize your videos like on YouTube. You might or not experience but I definitely have seen and experienced it first hand

You like or follow a page on Facebook according to your interests. The people who run it upload contents in formats such as image, videos, and link to a site or page. On the page, just below the header of the page you will see or find some settings options.

Among them, there is a notification option, you choose and click on it. You will have multiple options and from among them click on all post to get notified when a new post is uploaded


The best e-mail marketing services tools for your opt-in button to get people to subscribe to your e-mail list through who have viewed your site or blog. There are different types of formats and designs. Which they have made them have distinct looks or features so it can stand out from their competitor

The tools I will be talking about are Hello bar, Mail Chimp, Onesignal, Push Engage and Subscribers are free e-mail list providers your blog posts. They both have a free version and paid or pro version. As you can figure it out from the two formats it supports.

This means there will be better set up for the user or consumer for the paid ones. This goes without saying  that things you can buy in life which  are most expensive tend to be better products

The free versions are going to be limited. Everything it supports is going to be lacking but it is a good option to use when your just getting started or introduced to the product and its services.

You cannot remove the footer credits in HelloBar and Mailchimp

These are the maximum number it supports for e-mail blast or pushes notification service for free or starter pack for your e-mail listing which is different for all of them and so does the pro or paid version of each of them too

Hello Bar supports up to 5,000 users or e-mail which is the largest among them

Mail chimp will allow up to 2,000 users or e-mail with the limitation of 12,000 emails per month and

OneSignal can send push notifications up to 30,000 users for the free plan

Push Engage can have up to 2,500 subscribers, 120 notifications per month and 5,000 click lifetime

Subscribers with the least amount of up to 200 users. It is a push notification service. It let your readers know you publish a new blog or article through their browsers

I have been talking about them together because it works in the same or similar fields even though the services might be different according to the provider there is something we all need to know if we are doing Email marketing big or small which was implemented on May 25, 2018.


GDPR means the General Data Protection Regulation. It can be any form of Digital Marketing.  Which you use someone’s personal information to sell or advertise or affiliate to be your possible customer or to your paying customer.

It is for people who are citizens of the European Union or Economic Area. Their data or privacy should be protected at all costs if not you could be fined 20 million euro or 4 percent of annual global turnover which is a ridiculous amount of money.

It is implemented in Europe and California in the U.S.A

I think it will become a reality in other continents or countries in the future. The majority of most of the countries in the world are going Digital. Which will make people vulnerable for their personal information to be used illegally which can use in many ways or form.

The user or subscriber will have the freedom to subscribe or unsubscribe to your email is the most important and have the option to do that in the email you sent to them

There were cases such as selling emails to Corporate for money or profit and it was possible.

With a law like GDPR will be able to stop such an act will make a person think twice before doing such things. As we go Digital from countries around the world.

For now, this is all I can about to say about Email marketing. It is not constant as there will be changes and update in the future. The best thing we can do is stay updated on what is happening in the Digital World.

The best thing about the services I have mentioned is that you don’t have to worry about being compliant with the law instead they make their service compliant for the law for you and me to use

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