How to change the text size in WordPress

This will help you on how to change the text size/font in WordPress. It is something you do while you are creating your content or go back to your already published posts

By default, it is normal and it’s recommended. There are other options such as small, medium, large, huge and custom these will be useful when your adding subheadings, note, disclaimer, etc. within your content

FIRST, Create or add a new post but I will be using an already published post for this example

Edit a post

LASTLY, Click once on any of text paragraph, expand the font size option under text settings

After you are done choosing an option, click on the update button


It will mostly be used in your subheading and paragraph to stand out to make sure it is important but doesn’t work for a word or sentence

FIRST, create or edit your post, for I will edit one of my posts as an example

SECOND, click on the paragraph where you want to add color, Make sure are under block option and click on color settings but can’t be used for a specific word/sentence

LASTLY, Pick you preferred color under text color and click on the update button at the top


It is to add color to a specific subheading or paragraph background of your post content

FIRST, Add or create a post and I will edit one of my post for an example

SECOND, click once on your preferred paragraph, click on color settings under block

LASTLY, Choose/pick your preferred one under background-color and click on the update button

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