How to change hyperlink color in Blogger

The necessary steps you need on how to change hyperlink color in Blogger. They can be used in two different ways from my knowledge one is to link to another post in your site while the other is to link to another source or website

When you linked it to another post in your website it is considered internal linking whereas if you link it to another website it is counted as an external link and if someone link to your website/post it is counted as a backlink

FIRST, Log in to your blog and click on the theme option from the left side of your interface

SECOND, The orange color button which has a text customize click on it

LASTLY, You can follow the instruction as shown in the images through the numbering

Advanced > expand and choose Links > choose your preferred color by clicking on the color logo and pick your preferred one on the popup page > click on save at the bottom right corner

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