How to change background color in WordPress

Here is how to change the background color in WordPress theme. At the end of the day, it is all about personal preference. It can be done without a plugin. I still would not recommend bright and a mix of different colors because it would be a bad user experience

I will be taking you through the process so, you can make the changes on yours and have a personal touch with the theme which you have by default or the one you bought for your website/blog

FIREST, Log in to your blog and click on the Appearance option on the left side of your interface

SECOND, It will expand and by default, it opens themes if not click on it

THIRD, this is something similar you expect to see if you save more than one or your default and click on the custom button


If you have only one or your default theme, it will show you page something like this and click on the background button option

FOURTH, A page will slide in from the left side of your monitor. choose and click on the colors option

LASTLY, You will have or be given the option to change or customize the colors of your theme such as

Background color: which will be shown as a frame only part of the edges

Page background color: will be where you have contents such as text, images

After your done, click on the publish button to make the changes in your website/blog

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