How to change post title color in Blogger

You want to customize this is how to change post title color in Blogger. I know by default, it is black in color and it comes down to personal preference but it’s still your website and decides what is best for your site

Even though I say it’s your choice and decision but still I want you to stay away from bright colors because it will be hard to read and the user experience will be poor

FIRST, Go to your dashboard and click on the theme option from the left side of your interface

SECOND, click on the customize button which is orange in color

LASTLY, Just follow the instruction I lay it out for you

Advanced > expand and choose Posts > choose your preferred color by clicking on the color logo and pick your color > click on save


The steps you need to change your posts text color in blogger

FIRST, log in to your dashboard and click on the theme option

SECOND, The customize button click on it

THIRD, Choose Advanced and pick posts by expanding the option

LASTLY, Under post text color, click on the color logo, choose your preferred color in the popup page and save it

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