How to change number of posts on homepage WordPress

This guide is about how to change the number of posts displayed per page on homepage WordPress. You can manually limit by using or following this method for your website. I think it would be different for everyone according to their preference for wanting to display more or less per page on your blog

FIRST, Login to your blog dashboard and click on the Settings option

SECOND, Choose reading when the Settings expands with multiples options

LASTLY, Change the number to your preference in the rectangular box horizontally to Blog pages shown at most

After that, click on the Save changes button

How to create a menu in WordPress

A guide on how to create a menu in WordPress. This is for the contents below your website/blog name or above your blog post/article which will take you to different parts of your website

The most common links added are Pages such as About, Disclaimer, Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy

It can be also used to add your Categories/label, for example, I have Adsense, Analytics, Blogger, Search Console, SEO, Tools, and WordPress

FIRST, log in to your blog and choose appearance from the left side of your interface

SECOND, It will expand with multiple options and click on menus under the appearance

LASTLY, I will use my Categories for example and expand it, select all and click on the button add to the menu,

Under the menu, settings choose display location or Primary Menu (This will show it above your post or under website name) and

Click on the save menu button


You can follow along to the steps to delete the whole menu or only a specific item or page

FIRST, log in to your WordPress blog and choose the appearance option

SECOND, After appearance expands choose the menus option

LASTLY, If you want to delete the whole menu then click on the delete menu text at the bottom of the page


If you want to delete only a specific item or page, expand it and click on the removed text

How to add featured post in WordPress

Want to promote a post on your sidebar, this is how to add featured post in WordPress. It will be done with the use/help of a plugin called Nelio featured posts. The step by step process is laid out images with instructions on it

Before you do this I would recommend you to add a featured image in your blog post/article

FIRST, log in to your account and click on plugins option

SECOND, It will expand a few options and choose to add new

THIRD, In the upper right side next to keyword rectangular box type in or search for a featured post

Install and activate the Nelio featured posts

FOURTH, Choose posts in your dashboard and click on featured by Nelio after it expands

FIFTH, Expand the rectangular box, choose your preferred post and click on the save change button

SIXTH, Choose appearance option and click on the widget after it expands

SEVEN, Look for Featured posts by Nelio from the options, expand it and click on add widget

LASTLY, It will be added in the sidebar, click on the done text

You can move and place within the sidebar

How to change author name in WordPress

Do you know how to change the author name/username in WordPress. This will be your name synonymous with you in the blogging world. I cannot decide for you which name you should choose but you are still building your personal as well something to keep in mind

A name that is close to your roots and who you are would be a good one. to put it simply, your legit full or short name which everyone should know you by will be a good one


Choose user in your dashboard, after it expands click on your profile, change or edit the nickname and choose your new username by expanding display name publicly as

FIRST, Login to your dashboard and from the options in the left side of your interface click on the users

SECOND, the user will expand with more options and choose and click on your profile

LASTLY, Enter or change the name you want in the nickname and select that one in display name publicly as

After that, Scroll down to the bottom and click on the update profile button to save or apply the changes into your blog

How to remove sidebar in WordPress

A guide on how to remove a sidebar in or from WordPress page. It is part of the aesthetic of a site which comes down to your personal preference and the type of website you want to have or create. You have the option to add them again in the future if you want. The most important would be the user experience.

The process can be applied for a WordPress theme or page. I’ll try to make it simple and easy to follow for anyone

FIRST, log in to your account dashboard and choose the appearance option

SECOND, click on the widget option under Appearance after it expands

LASTLY, Look for sidebar section, expands the options one by one and click on delete text

How to add header image in WordPress

Here is how to add a header image in WordPress. As you would be familiar and heard this a lot don’t use images that are big in size means memory. I would say do the same thing for this as well. You can use an editor or online tool to compress it

The recommended image size will be different for every theme provided accordingly be it free or paid

I use the Twenty Sixteen theme/The simplest provided by WordPress which is free. The recommended size is 1200 x 280 pixels for a header

I will still recommend you to compress your image file size to help the loading speed of your site even if its a little bit

FIRST, log in to your blog dashboard and click on the appearance option

SECOND, Choose header option when it expands with multiple options

THIRD, Click on the Add new image button when a page will slide in from the left side of your monitor

FOURTH, Click on select files button to browse through your computer for your image

FIFTH, After loading your image, click on select and crop button on the bottom right corner

SIXTH, Choose the skip cropping option but you have the option to crop your image if you want as well

LASTLY, To save it, click on the publish button

How to remove avatar in WordPress

The steps you need on how to remove avatar in WordPress. There are niches/industries were showing you profile/bio can be an advantage to you and others where having an about page will do the job. Which will be different for every niche/industries

There is something you still need to keep in mind is that it will still show the author name/nickname for your website/blog known as the author

FIRST, log in to your dashboard and click on the Settings option from the left side of your interface

SECOND, It will expand with multiples option and choose discussion option from the list

LASTLY, Under Avatars, uncheck show avatars or remove the tick option and click on the Save button