How to hide post date in WordPress

To make your site stand the test of time, this is how to hide date in WordPress. It will improve your CTR (Click Through Rate) and directly improve your ranking in SERP.

SEO of your website/blog will be improved if you look at it for a grand scheme of things

We will be using a plugin called wp old post date remover and you can set the number of days as you wish. It will take some time to see the changes in SERP (Search Engine Result Page)

FIRST, log in to your dashboard and click on the plugins option from the left side of the interface

SECOND, choose to add new option after the plugins expand

THIRD, Next to rectangular box search for wp old post date remover, install and activate the plugin

FOURTH, Go to your plugins again and choose installed plugins if not chosen by default

FIFTH, Under WP old post date remover, click on the settings text option

LASTLY, You can set how long or the number of days of your recently published blog post to show its date and click on the save changes button

The lowest number you can use is 1 day

How to change default avatar image in WordPress

Need to know how to change the default avatar image in WordPress. There are some options build in or generated. This only applies to people who don’t have or made their own custom image but want something quick and simple with hassle-free

It has a total of 7 avatars to choose from such as Mystery person, Blank, Gravatar logo, Identicon, wavatar, Monster ID and Retro

FIRST, Login to your blog and click on the Settings option in your dashboard

SECOND, It will expand with multiple options. Choose and click on the discussion

LASTLY, Scroll down to the bottom part of the page and choose the one you like which is generated for every WordPress blog

How to add multiple authors in WordPress

Need a copywriter a step-by-step guide on how to add multiple authors or new user in WordPress. There are different types of website/blog which requires contents to publish at a different pace. A few examples would be news site creates a lot of content even on a daily basis but a small niche site would still be fine at a few days of interval

I would recommend the Administrator to only Founders or Co-founders and hire or paid authors would be fine with the other option such as Subscribers, Contributor, Author, and Editor.

FIRST, Login to your blog dashboard and click on Users

SECOND, It will expand with a few options and click on Add new

THIRD, Under Add new user page make sure to fill the Username and e-mail. The person you needs to the details as well

FOURTH, An e-mail will be sent to the person and he/she just needs to follow the link

LASTLY, It needs to be at least 12 characters. The person needs to change the password to something he/she can remember using Letters, Numbers, Upper case, Lower case and Symbol at the WordPress Admin login page

How to create a static WordPress homepage

Here is a guide on how to create a static WordPress homepage website. The types of sites I can think of are firm, company, institutions, Professional profile, Micro-niche. A format useful for your online presence

I am sure there are other platforms as well which may or may not be better but I’ll be using WordPress for making a static website

FIRST, Login to your dashboard and you’ll be choosing pages instead of posts

SECOND, Create or add new content just like the way you would make a blog post or article which will become the main topic of your website

THIRD, Go back to your dashboard and click on appearance once it expands choose customize

FOURTH, A popup page will slide in from your lift side of your interface and click on the homepage settings option

LASTLY, It will expand with more options.

A static page > Under Homepage click on the rectangular box and choose the page/post/article you created > Click on the publish button to save it


Another way to make it, personally it seems easier and shorter but I’ll let you decide which guide is more convenient for you

FIRST, Login to your blog and click on the Settings option

SECOND, It will expand with multiple options, choose and click on Reading

LASTLY, Under Reading, tick static > select the post you created in homepage > click on save changes button

How to change publish date in WordPress

Have a few years old contents this is what you need, how to change publish date in WordPress. Everyone wants fresh, new, latest content so does Google. You need to keep updating it. I mean not unnecessarily if it needs or you can make it better even with a few tweaks

Doing this every year would be recommended but not more or less. This can help improve your CTR ( Click Through Rate ) and eventually climb higher in SERP.

FIRST, Login to your blog and click on posts, it will choose all post by default

SECOND, Put your cursor around the post, it will show you options and click on quick edit

LASTLY, Change the date to the latest year after that click the update button which is on the bottom right


FIRST, Login to your blog, put your cursor around the post and click on edit option when it shows

SECOND, Click on publish which will be on the right side of your interface

THIRD, Change the date to your preference which is on the topmost option in the popup page

LASTLY, Click on Publish button like when you create a new blog post/article

How to change profile picture on Gravatar

Have a new photo that you like or want to use this is how to change profile picture on Gravatar. You can also follow these steps even when you are doing it for the first time to make it

You don’t have to worry about the size because it will automatically make it fit

FIRST, Login to your blog dashboard and click on the Users option

SECOND, When it expands click on your profile

THIRD, Scroll down and horizontally to profile picture click on the Gravatar word

FOURTH, Click on sign in or Create your own Gravatar button.

FIFTH, Make sure you use the same e-mail and password


If you are making it for the first time, you will see a different page where you will register and add more details

SIXTH, When you log in click on the sentence Add a new image at the bottom of the page

SEVEN, There are multiples ways to upload but I will select one from my computer and choose upload new button

EIGHT, Click on the choose file button and browse through your computer and click next

NINE, You can resize the photo or image using the dots and when your done click on the crop image button

LASTLY, You have 4 options to label your photo or image such as G, PG, R, and X. Click on set rating button

How to add pages in WordPress

A necessity for website/blog here is how to add pages in WordPress. I think most people don’t know about it or the importance of it when they are new or getting started. You need to have them to keep yourself from legal-related problems

The pages you need to create for your website/blog are Privacy policy, Terms and Conditions, Disclaimer and About

There are a few sites where you can generate such as Privacy Policy Generator and Terms feed for free but will cost you some money for a Business.

About page, if you can create by yourself or your team then that’s great. My steps for writing one would follow these points who you are, why you got started and what is your goal

FIRST, Login to your blog and click on the pages option

SECOND, Create or add four pages which I have mention above or shown in the images

THIRD, Go to appearance option and choose widgets

FOURTH, Look for Pages from the multiples options and click on it. It will expand with a few options to choose you can pick anyone between content-bottom 1 and content-bottom 2

For information content-bottom 1 will be on the left side while content-bottom 2 will be placed on the right side.

LASTLY, You don’t need to enter any letters or numbers. Just click Done and after that Save button