Entropay virtual credit card | A user guide

ENTROPAY is a virtual credit card service available for online payments. It has a user of more than 2 million and is running for more than 13 years as an online virtual card for payments.

It has the latest technology and security mechanism which provides you with the best security for your personal information. As we all are worried about the security of our personal information when we use an online transaction for purchasing goods. It is accepted where visa cards are accepted anywhere around the world and in any country. 

I am sure there are countries where your cards are not meant for international transactions for online payments. entropy is free virtual credit for online payments which is, of course, a free service but it will cost you a small fraction of your money for the transactions you make through entropay. The card can be created when you need them and can be deleted when you don’t need them.


ENTROPAY will no longer work in different parts of the world including Norway from 31st October 2018. It will become exclusive to the European Union or Europe. I think it is because of laws and restrictions. The money you have as your balance can still be used. 

I won’t say it’s a con but for your information, it can protect your personal information +99% from a fraudster. It is still a small chance of less than 1% for a fraudster to acquire enough information to make a transaction on your behalf without you knowing about it. I just added this just for information purposes only. By the end of the day, it is still as secure as a bank.

I have added some pricing of using Entropay service details in the picture about using entropy as an online payment mode for purchasing goods online. I think it better to use entropy service for online transactions for international payments and not have to be worried about the security of your personal information is a compromise.

I highly recommend using the service for keeping your personal information safe when you make an online international transaction for payments of goods


FIRST, Go to your browser and search for Entropay

SECOND, Sign up using your e-mail account from which you will receive your confirmation mail for an account in entropay. I  will leave the part where information is to be added. Which I’m sure you all are familiar adding you details

THIRD, Once you have access to entropay look for CREATE CARD on your left side of your Entropay account

FOURTH, Enter the name for your card could be your real full or short name of your choice

FIFTH, Scroll down you will find a top-up button and click on it for a top-up of your card.

SIXTH, Just choose the default option given by entropy or a top-up method using CREDIT OR DEBIT CARD and add top-up to your card option will be sure to select card.

LASTLY, Enter your card details and information to top-up your Entropay card for making an international transaction or online transaction where VISA cards are accepted. The Entropay card will work anywhere VISA cards are accepted.


How to add Ads.txt file


Ads.txt or Authorised Digital Sellers is an IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau). It helps ensure that your digital ad inventory is only sold to those who you recognized or identified as authorized. Having your own Ads.txt gives you more control over who is or is allowed to sell Ads on your site.

It is highly recommended to have them on your site or more like a necessity now because it can help curb counterfeit inventory or invalid activity being presented to Advertisers

For AdSense, It can take from a few days to a month depending upon your traffic which means if it makes many ad requests or not

You just need to change the 0’s to your Publisher ID

google.com, pub-0000000000000000, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0


FIRST, log in to your blogger blog and click on the Settings option

SECOND, Scroll down look for monetization section, turn on enable custom ads.txt by pushing the button to the right side, and click on custom ads.txt

LASTLY, Add/paste the custom Ads.txt you generate from your publisher account and click on the save text which is at the bottom right side


I will be using a plugin called Ads.txt Manager to add in your WordPress site

FIRST, log in to your WordPress blog and click on plugins option from the left side of your interface

SECOND, After it expands choose and click on add new

THIRD, Search for ads.txt in the box next to the keyword. An install and activate the Ads.txt Manager plugin

FOURTH, Click on the settings option which is the last second on the list

FIFTH, It will have multiples option among them choose and click on Ads.txt

LASTLY, Add your code or file in the empty rectangular box and click on save changes button


The platform for your blog could be in Blogger or WordPress. You can follow the steps I have laid out to add your ads.txt file to your respective blog so, you keep earning from AdSense and other third-party ad networks.


Change the word your domain to your URL or domain name and search it in your browser. If it shows you your code or file then it is working

How to buy a domain from Google

This post is about making a tutorial on how to buy a domain from Google.

It is probably one of the cheapest places to buy one which ranges between $12-15 considering taxes.

it’s an estimate because taxes work differently in every country and are included.

To put it into simple words it means if you are serious about your blogging. It is recommended to every blogger to buy yourself one from the early stages so, if you do it later you should know that you are going to start again from scratch again, take this as a piece of advice if it’s okay for you

FIRST, Search for GOOGLE DOMAINS in your browser and choose any one of the screenshots shown in my post. It works on either of the link shown in my screenshot.

SECOND, It will take you to page where you can enter you the DOMAIN NAME you want and click search. There is something I would like to recommend choosing a name or words which will be easy to remember and simple but It still describes your blog niche or contents.

It will make the people who land on you remember and they are likely to come back to your site or blog if it is informative for them.

THIRD, If the domain name you want is available there will be BUY button and some suggestion as well in the list. If you like it you can proceed with it by clicking on the BUY button.

FOURTH, You will have to fill up some details of your contact information just basics like you fill-up for a new account for SNS or e-mail and one thing it’s NON-REFUNDABLE. Google domain cost around $12-15 for one year.

FIFTH, It will ask you if want the Google domain name to be automatically renewed with the payment card you use or you can choose SKIP if you want to do it manually every year. I’ll leave the decision to you how you want to pay by automatic or manually.

SIXTH, An offer will pop up with custom e-mail using your blogger name. You can opt it out by choosing NO, THANKS but the decision is yours. its payment is per month.

SEVEN, Your card details and some details information to be filled up before you make your payment for the Google domain you are about to purchase

LASTLY, It will show a pop-up page showing the completion of your Google domain purchase and registration. This is the whole process of buying a domain from Google.


How to use Google keyword planner for free 2021

Using Google keyword planner to get ideas for your website niche which is a free tool. There is quite a lot of them in the market which is paid as well as free. They give you the search volume for a month, the competition for that keyword, and cost per click (CPC) but it is not accurate. The stats you get from it are estimates

The other name is Google Adwords Keyword Planner you will spend money only if you are running an ad except that it’s free of cost

Here is a step-by-step guide or tutorial on how to have access Google Keyword Planner with the help of images or screenshot

FIRST, Search for GOOGLE KEYWORD PLANNER and click and choose the one I pointed out from among the options.

SECOND, After clicking on the link, it will take you to the Adwords help page where you can find three options on the right upper part of the page. Where you can find and see ADWORDS and choose and click on it

THIRD, From there it will take you to Google Adwords page Where you have two options to choose and sign in but before you sign in. The first you need to choose and click on is TOOLS and just below that there will be an option KEYWORD PLANNER to choose too

FOURTH, After you sign in, by the way, it might not take you to the right page on your first try. If that happens to try it again. You can see or find a Bolt remover tool sign or symbol click on that and then you will have multiple options with a pop-up page. Once your there you can find the word keyword planner on the outermost left side from among the option.

FIFTH, You will have two option from among them choose and click on find new keywords which are on the left side of your monitor

LASTLY, Just type in your keyword which can be a word or sentence. You can find out about estimate search volume for your keywords and the way the words or sentence are being used by peoples to search for that specific keyword


 If you are still having to have trouble to get to the tools page in AdWords where you can use the free google keyword planner instead of the AdWords page where you run an ad campaign is shown

Go to your google chrome browser and clear the history of your browser

To start the process again from the beginning. Click on the vertically placed three dots on you chrome which is placed in the upper right side of your chrome

There will be a long list option from the popup page from among them to choose HISTORY to follow the extension and click on the HISTORY again.

It will take you to a page where your chrome search history is listed and click on the clear browsing data option

From there a pop-up page will be shown where you have to confirm you are clearing your browsing data by clicking on the clear data button.

It will take a few minutes

After that, start the process from the beginning to have access to Google Keyword Planner


A recommended tip on how to find the best keywords for your website.

Search for a broad sentence or words and try different variations as well, which will be different from every industry

You will get a lot of ideas for the article or post you want to write about. From the top 100 ( hundred ) keywords or so the result, use or take the ones which can be incorporated into a post or article for your site. The results you see are things people search about in Google looking for an answer

If you are a new website start with low competition keywords with an estimated traffic range of between 0-250 or so search volume per month and low competition after you started ranking for those terms then you can go after bigger or competitive keywords.

Something you can do is take your keyword, start typing in your chrome browser if it autofill, or complete itself it is good a good indication that people are searching for that query. It will also show you related search for the topic which you can incorporate in your post

It will be a question around your niche and is called a long-tail keyword in the blogging industry.


It is applicable to YouTube as well if you are looking for keywords to use for creating videos for your channel

Add or include the keywords related to your videos in the description and tag them as well just before you upload/publish your video

How to create a free website and earn money

This post is about how to create/make a free website or blog and earn money from home online without investment and it gives you a free domain name and hosting.

I will be showing you the beginner guide on starting a blog/website on blogger. Which of course, the platform is free for anyone and everyone. You just need to create or have a Google G-mail account

Here’s the caveat, it will still take a lot of effort and time on your part to make it work

You can start your own site while reading this post and it only takes a few minutes.

The only thing you need is to follow my guide or how-to steps one at a time to create your own blog/website on blogger.


There are two types of the domain you will have, the free one has www. example.blogspot.com which doesn’t have a professional look or feel to your blog URL but you can start blogging on blogger but your domain extension will have blogspot.com

On the other hand, you can buy a domain from Google through blogger which cost between $12-15 including taxes or from another third party connect it with your blogger blog/website the prices may vary according to the extension

You will have a domain name which will be like www.example.com. The name of your choice in the example (domain name or sentence) if the name is available.


You need to keep publishing by creating content through blog posts/articles which can be informative and helpful.

When your website/blog has around 20-30 blog posts or article and a decent amount of view regularly you have a high chance of getting Adsense if you did not don’t lose hope keep working on your contents and you will eventually get it

I will recommend you to create/make these pages for every site

In time, You will qualify and the earning tab will be activated in blogger then you can monetize your website/blog with Google AdSense with the help of their ads which are Banner types to start making money


A few things you need to know is you have to be 18 years or above and a bank account in your name is also required. If you’re not old enough then you can use any one of your family members who are old enough and have a bank account

The AdSense account name and bank account name need to match

AdSense can be applied/created for anyone as long as the person or identity is different. It can be your family members or someone else but you cannot make multiple accounts for one person or identity


You have the option to customize your theme/template or buy a premium or paid version to add them to your blog/website. It is not necessary but the most important one is your content needs to deliver

If you have the money to invest or know how to customize it then do it but keep in mind people come to your site for the information, not the design

You can start working on your first blogger post


A step by step guide on how to start a blog or website on Blogspot/blogger

FIRST, Go to your google chrome browser and search for the blogger to create a blog/website


Look for the nine square in the right upper part of your google chrome, click on it and choose blogger

SECOND, You will be on the blogger page. Click on the create your blog button or sign-in on the right upper part of the page

THIRD, It will take you to your Google account sign in and you will have to sign in using your Google account.

FOURTH, Choose an account of your choice if you have multiple or choose the account you have and re-enter your password to log in 

FIFTH, A page which has two profile option to choose. Do make sure to choose the second one which is blogger profile

SIXTH, You will have to make a name for your blogger profile which will show on your blog. That is for you to decide which name will be a good choice for you and click continue to blogger button

SEVEN, You will see a button that says create a new blog and click on the button. The notification is regarding GDPR on the rectangular box. You will need to add necessary pages for your website/blog

EIGHT, A pop-up page where you will have to enter your blog name and domain. I would suggest you have multiple names because the domain name of your choice may not be available except if you are lucky in choosing or naming your domain. Once done, click on the create blog on the lower part of the pop-up page

NINE, A pop-up page with buy domain from Google domains will be suggested or click on the no thanks button to continue. That is for you to decide. It is what I was talking about it in the beginning part of this blog post. 

TEN, Once, you are in your dashboard, click on the new post text option which will be in the left side of your interface

LASTLY, You will have a page where you will enter your content which means you have to type it texts by text or word by word. Copy and paste don’t work in any blogging platform. You have to spend your time and effort to make your content. 

It doesn’t mean you can’t get ideas and information for others work but make it your own by using only the important points or information you need

The number 1 is for the title tag, Number 2 text box in for your content and number 3 is to publish your blog

How to buy domain from Blogger

For this blog post, I will be making a tutorial on how to buy a domain name from blogger. The process is quite long and I would want you to go through meticulously because it involves money. Just to make make sure, think through your domain name before you buy or purchase it.

Just think of this as advice so you won’t regret after purchasing or buying your domain name. After that, happy blogging with a custom name on blogger blog

FIRST, Go to your blogger blog and click on SETTINGS option on the left side of your interface

SECOND, Scroll down look for publishing and choose/click on the custom domain

THIRD, A small popup page will be shown and click on the text buy a domain

FOURTH, If it is available you will see a buy button and some suggestions too. Click on the buy button.

It is between $12-15 for one year. The amount is including taxes it will be different in every country

FIFTH, You have to fill up some details about you. ORGANIZATION part can be left if you are an individual. One thing it’s NON-REFUNDABLE

SIXTH, You will have a pop-up page that says renew it automatically but you can choose SKIP. It’s up to you. Whether you want to renew it manually or not

SEVEN, An offer will pop up with a custom e-mail for blogger username or contact. that’s is paid monthly. You can opt it out and choose NO THANKS but it’s your choice

EIGHT, A page with payment details are to be filled up, some information about you too and you are done. After filling up all the necessary details you can proceed to payments.

LASTLY, A confirmation page will pop up regarding your purchase for a domain name. This indicates that your purchase of domain name was successful and your finish.


How to add custom domain to Blogger 2021

You wanna learn how to add/setup/use a custom domain to blogger after purchasing it from a third party. It could be from any one of them but the good thing is it’s similar for almost all of them

The thing you need is to get familiar with the Cpanel (control panel). what I mean is that the interface or placement of the buttons are different for every service provider


You can change your blogger domain name under Publishing. The free Blogspot domain in blog address and the third-party in custom domain option

You are going to lose your organic traffic and ranking for Blogspot subdomain while By doing 301 redirects can help you maintain site traffic and ranking for custom or third-party domain

FIRST, Log in to your blogger blog and click on settings

SECOND, Scroll down look for publishing and choose/click on custom domain text option

THIRD, A popup page will be shown, enter the domain you bought including the www at the beginning and click on the save text

FOURTH, This will be different for everyone in blogger blog but I am just showing you what you should look for as an example which I underline in red color

You need to create/add the two CNAME using the codes/records to your domain service provider

Both name in Host and Destination in Points to

You can look at the last step image of this post for reference

FIFTH, Login or sign in to your Cpanel (control panel) of your domain provider it could be GoDaddy, NameCheap, etc. to name a few

But I personally use Hostinger, the steps will most likely be similar but different placement or interface as I have mentioned before

DOMAINS > select one if you have multiple > DNS ZONE

SIXTH, Make four A (host) use @ symbol for host and the blogger IP address you need are

TTL is set at 1 hour by the majority

LASTLY, In the above post or fourth step I mention we need the two lines of codes or records to make a CNAME using them.

You just need to add or make two CNAME and no need to delete the others on the list

After that, go back to your blogger blog and click on the Save button

Facebook for Bloggers | What you need to know

Here is the reason why Facebook blocked blog post or bloggers. I have come across this query or question before writing this blog post multiple times.

Before that, I have a vague memory of why it became difficult to share posts/articles/videos, etc. now unless you are a known brand/person.

It was the time when ads feature was first introduced by Facebook where you can run a sponsored or promotion for your content such as blog posts, articles, videos, etc.

At that time there were a lot of fake contents promoted and share which is why Facebook received backlash from Governments

The was the main reason behind this is to stop curb fake news or content. where it became difficult to share your contents on the platform

Here is the solution or answer to your question or query

This can be applied to Whatsapp and Instagram because it is owned by Facebook


It is applicable to all bloggers whether you use WordPress, Blogger etc.

The most important one you need now on your website/blog is the Privacy Policy for your site. Which you can add it to the Pages option which is similar to creating a blog post

There are a few more Pages I would recommend you to add to your website/blog such as Disclaimer, Terms & Conditions, About and Contact form is optional which will depend on your business type

You can generate/create/make them for yourself from these site Privacy Policy Generator or Termsfeed. It is free for an individual but will cost you some money for business on Termsfeed

As for the About us page, you can use this service volusion to generate one for your website/blog for free. If possible I would recommend you to create/make it for yourself

A few basics information will be required like a website name, Domain name or URL and E-mail which will be incorporated

This will make your website/blog ready and prepared for monetization as well

From my own personal experience, it works like a charm