How to optimize images for SEO

This blog post is on how to optimize images for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). It is also part of it for bloggers to learn to do even the little things to improve the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) for his/her blog to rank better in search result pages.

Search engines have many criteria to rank. It is a case of doing even the little things that can help your blog or site to rank better on search pages.

I will be showing you what to do to help improve it by naming my images in such a way it can be optimized for SEO.

Before that, I would like to show you some bad examples of naming your images. Some examples are :

I name this one using the initial of this post, some random alphabet or some random numbers

This one is considered good If I am going to talk about the whole SEO but for this post, it’s not so, it’s bad

To write the whole sentence or words on the images, you want to optimize according to the post name


From, Here on I’ll be showing or telling you how to name your images so that it can be optimized for SEO.

It is to use the keywords relating to your blog post. I’ll be naming them according to this post title or name. Look for the keywords for that certain post, for this post example it is SEO, images and optimizes. I’ll be adding these words in an order which can be read like a sentence

I name this image according to the keywords relating to this blog post. You can make a different sentence from those words which can be shuffled in any way. it just needs to make a sentence or sense for bots

Don’t forget to use a hyphen (-) between every word

I use the numbering in the end so, you won’t have a problem or confusion on where to upload that specific image if you have multiple images to upload.


You can use this method for your WordPress site without using a plugin and losing the quality of your images/photos

This is a really important part of it as well make sure your image size is in KB (kilobyte) not MB (megabyte). You can use an editor either online or offline to reduce it which in turn will load your page faster or the loading time is reduced.

You can use any of these sites to shrink the size of your images. To name a few tiny jpg and compress jpeg

It is an online tool and will decrease your image file size between 60-80%


Google or other search engines use bots to crawl a website so, it can figure out what the image is about with the words written on it means the name of the image. The hyphen (-) between every word will make it easy for bots to read

Click on the image and on the alt text (Alternative text) name you image according to your post or article

Whether you use WordPress, Blogger etc. they all have this function

You should do this to all your images in your website or blog

I bet your familiar with the saying “A picture is worth a thousand words”

The most popularly used are infographics and camera photos but I would not recommend using free for commercial images.

If possible make or get them by yourself

Email Marketing for Beginners

Email marketing for Beginners as per my understanding of the subject matter will be giving you a guide or tutorial according to my knowledge. You can be based as an individual or organization that delivers content to their inbox which in this case it is directly sent to them through their email account.

The stuff which is delivered to your customer or potential can be a commercial message or your blog posts. Which can only be possible when an individual or group of people gave you their consent to receive content from you or your organization.

I will be using social networks as an example it doesn’t mean it is right or correct. I am using them because its something everyone is familiar with and I think it would be a great example to use them. It seems to be a good material you can use to understand the concept or idea of it.

There is a lot to choose or pick from but I will be using only two of them. The two social networks are :

a) YouTube

b) Facebook


I would say the most popular streaming site for videos. You can find videos for every possible topic or subject. They are all run by people like you and me. The best part about it is you can earn money from it.

Here, I would take you to the point. Let’s take there is a YouTube channel where it has subscribers. It will get views but the view it gains might be slow because the subscribers might not get a notification.

After subscribing to a YouTube channel. The owner or the people who run the channel might suggest you click the bell icon that makes the people who subscribe to the channel get a notification which means a new video is uploaded by the channel owners.

It is the most populous social network in the world. It is highly possible you have an account or you had an account. There are lots of pages which specialized in different topics as you can update post in different formats.

It is adding a feature to monetize your videos like on YouTube. You might or not experience but I definitely have seen and experienced it first hand

You like or follow a page on Facebook according to your interests. The people who run it upload contents in formats such as image, videos, and link to a site or page. On the page, just below the header of the page you will see or find some settings options.

Among them, there is a notification option, you choose and click on it. You will have multiple options and from among them click on all post to get notified when a new post is uploaded


The best e-mail marketing services tools for your opt-in button to get people to subscribe to your e-mail list through who have viewed your site or blog. There are different types of formats and designs. Which they have made them have distinct looks or features so it can stand out from their competitor

The tools I will be talking about are Hello bar, Mail Chimp, Onesignal, Push Engage and Subscribers are free e-mail list providers your blog posts. They both have a free version and paid or pro version. As you can figure it out from the two formats it supports.

This means there will be better set up for the user or consumer for the paid ones. This goes without saying  that things you can buy in life which  are most expensive tend to be better products

The free versions are going to be limited. Everything it supports is going to be lacking but it is a good option to use when your just getting started or introduced to the product and its services.

You cannot remove the footer credits in HelloBar and Mailchimp

These are the maximum number it supports for e-mail blast or pushes notification service for free or starter pack for your e-mail listing which is different for all of them and so does the pro or paid version of each of them too

Hello Bar supports up to 5,000 users or e-mail which is the largest among them

Mail chimp will allow up to 2,000 users or e-mail with the limitation of 12,000 emails per month and

OneSignal can send push notifications up to 30,000 users for the free plan

Push Engage can have up to 2,500 subscribers, 120 notifications per month and 5,000 click lifetime

Subscribers with the least amount of up to 200 users. It is a push notification service. It let your readers know you publish a new blog or article through their browsers

I have been talking about them together because it works in the same or similar fields even though the services might be different according to the provider there is something we all need to know if we are doing Email marketing big or small which was implemented on May 25, 2018.


GDPR means the General Data Protection Regulation. It can be any form of Digital Marketing.  Which you use someone’s personal information to sell or advertise or affiliate to be your possible customer or to your paying customer.

It is for people who are citizens of the European Union or Economic Area. Their data or privacy should be protected at all costs if not you could be fined 20 million euro or 4 percent of annual global turnover which is a ridiculous amount of money.

It is implemented in Europe and California in the U.S.A

I think it will become a reality in other continents or countries in the future. The majority of most of the countries in the world are going Digital. Which will make people vulnerable for their personal information to be used illegally which can use in many ways or form.

The user or subscriber will have the freedom to subscribe or unsubscribe to your email is the most important and have the option to do that in the email you sent to them

There were cases such as selling emails to Corporate for money or profit and it was possible.

With a law like GDPR will be able to stop such an act will make a person think twice before doing such things. As we go Digital from countries around the world.

For now, this is all I can about to say about Email marketing. It is not constant as there will be changes and update in the future. The best thing we can do is stay updated on what is happening in the Digital World.

The best thing about the services I have mentioned is that you don’t have to worry about being compliant with the law instead they make their service compliant for the law for you and me to use

How to write SEO friendly blog posts

I am sharing what I have learned about how to write SEO friendly blog posts. I am still lacking and not the best out there but I would like to share what I have learned so far on my blogging journey.

Create an article or post which will answer or solve the problem of your readers

I have learned from different famous blogger and how I incorporate it into my blogging. I am just elaborating in a way how I understand and use it on my blog post

The blog post/article needs to answer the query (keyword) and format the article in a way that will help the user which will be different for every keyword (Question or Query)


How many words require to write SEO (Search Engine Optimization) optimize your blog post. It depends on your query (keyword) and the competitiveness

The basics of adding your keyword in title, URL and Meta description still applies

It is just too little for a blog post. You can elaborate with using stories even if it is about FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) try to cover every little step and elaborate in the best you can

Search for the keyword (query or question) you are targeting and go through the first page or top 10 SERP (Search Engine Result Page) posts. Your job will be to make a better post or version shown in the SERP results

You probably will hear or read about this numerous times make it’s worded in terms of thousands like at least 2000 words but I have seen those blog post who is on the first page of google search have 5000 words plus and goes up to 10,000 plus words on their blog post to get that position in SERP (Search Engine Results Page) on the first page of google search

If you write about a very detailed post on a very competitive keyword (query) considered it standard because you need to beat your competitors

Do not add your keywords too many times in a single blog post then it becomes keyword stuffing.

The only place where you need them are in the title tag and once on your meta description within the first 100-150 words which is probably the basics of SEO

Google uses A. I to understand what is the intend of the searcher and try to display the best result in the SERP (Search Engine Result Page)

There is something you can do is write an in-depth or definitive guide about your query (keyword)

If you explain with proper research or data that is still considered a good quality post. In the end it might end up long or short doesn’t matter but make sure your content deliver on the search query (keyword)

It is intimidating, well consider it as apart of blogging. It won’t be easy when you started out as a blogger.

Just consider it as a journey every blogger has to go through when they started blogging.

We all know that the competition is really tough now to get on the first page of Google but doesn’t mean that it is impossible.

You probably might or might not notice it. Do make sure you write your blog post in a small paragraph so that it won’t look intimidating for your blog post readers to able to read and skim

The recommended paragraph length is 1 line for the shortest, 6 lines for the longest and everything in between

How to write a blog post for Beginners

For this blog post, it will be how to write a blog for beginners and what it takes to make a blog. I haven’t master nor perfect it when I write a blog post but I’ll show you whatever I have learned about my blog post template

What I have learned from my blogging journey so far. I hope it can be informative and useful.

I did the best I can to elaborate in a way it can be understood by someone who’s just getting started


I have written a small paragraph about the blog post I am going to write about ‘how to write a blog post for beginners’. which consists of a few lines. Where you can see the keyword for this blog post and a little intro in the paragraph what I am about going to write/talk about is the Meta description

Add a bit about your experience or what you think in that paragraph

The recommended length is above 70 words to 320 words is ideal for the first paragraph or introduction.


For this part, your going have to write everything you can about your query (keyword)

Explain it in a very detailed guide or step by step without missing or skipping every information on it

Let’s take an example by those who do a review about certain products on their site

If you have witnessed a review about gadgets like iPhone, Samsung phone, Google Pixel phones, etc on a website and other clothing reviews like Adidas, Puma, Nike, etc. to name a few products.

They will write a blog with everything about the product even the smallest things or details about the product which help their site optimized for SEO (Search engine Optimization).

There more in-depth you are when you write a blog post it is better for your site to rank better in SERP (Search Engine Results Page)

Anyone who searches for a product/information wants the most complete information possible if you can do it then it good for your site SEO


This part will only be used by websites which do reviews, experiments, case studies but no going to necessary for response post like how to’s or guide on something

It doesn’t mean it’s bad but put it in a way people can decide according to its pro’s and con’s so, that they can decide to buy or not according to their requirements

 which is to share your knowledge in a way that every reader of your blog post finds their answer or solve their problems/confusions

I hope you find something you can take away from this blog post and it’s applicable for affiliate Marketing for a product post

As someone who blogs here my little experience for my writing format in English

Make sure to write your paragraph which ranges from 1 to 6 lines and anything in between will also work. I think you might have noticed in this post as well

Use simple or laymen terms to make it simple for the readers to understand and sentence/words which will be used by the searcher in search engines

22 SEO tips for Website | You need in 2022

The best and easy points for beginners (novice) to advance Bloggers. Tips or tricks for a website that you can implement yourself to a new or existing site could be yours or a client to rank higher or climb in the ranking of SERP (Search Engine Result Page).

This doesn’t mean you will start getting results in a day, week or month. It’s a long term thing and considers it an investment that you will reap the benefits from it later but not right now


The easiest answer I can give you is to get creative with your content to make it stand out but that’s not all there is to it If no one search about it then it’s not worth writing.

A blog which addresses the problems people search about and provide a solution to it

There should be auto-suggestion when a search for something like Google will try to guess your next words. That shows you can write about it.

Try to think of it in such a way that you are trying to solve people problems which they would search about it on the net

E.A.T (Expertise Authoritativeness Trustworthines)

There are two types I know which are Profession and everyday expertise.

A website about Medical and Finance will be in YMYL (Your money your life) category or niche related and is not recommended unless it’s your Profession. A possible way is to have someone who has the credentials to be apart of your team

As for everyday expertise like Gardening, Cooking, Fishing, etc. you need someone who has an interest and does it as a hobby be it weekly or whenever he/she has time. has the credentials to become an expert in time by sharing their experience

B.E.R.T (Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers)

It has affected about 10% of the SERP (Search Engine Result Page) as of now and it is believed or expected most of the search results in the coming years. Google will use A.I (Artificial Intelligence) to understand the searcher intent and deliver the contents to match what the person was looking from the words or sentence


Add a point or two which answer a specific query for search engines. When creating your content separate them into a small paragraph at maximum 5-6 lines and even 2-3 lines of small one are also recommended

If you can win it you will be getting a decent amount of search traffic to your website even though you can’t rank for competitive keywords


This might not be much of an option when you are starting out or when you still have little content. Once you have a decent amount in your blog try to link to each other but only the posts which complement each other

To provide more for a person to look out for the situation or stage they are in. It can be in different ways like providing more information or something which the person is likely to need or go through because you been in the situation before them. It gives a good impression to rank brain if people spend more time on your website


Use which is relevant to your blog post or article which can describe your content and don’t forget to optimize each and every image which can help you get a lot of page views through it

I cannot tell what type of niche has a huge search volume but there and don’t forget to properly optimize your images


I think there is no guarantee for everyone to make a good video I mean in terms of production but you can do is make it a video that contains a piece of good or helpful information. About the quality of your videos it will improve with time and experience


This is high quality in terms of production and yes it takes effort to make them as well. it’s just eye candy to watch them in blog posts. the animation types which also explain certain things in highly recommended if you make willing get to put in the effort or money.


You need as many as you can about your niche which answers a specific question or query within your niche. These are easier to rank compare to general terms like SEO which will be hard for if you are an individual and in early in your early days

Build and get your website to have trust from Google from raking high on specific search queries and you can build you or go for those bigger search terms who have high search volume


You can reach out to someone who is well known within your niche reach out to him/her. Make or write a blog post or article for this which you can get a reputable backlink and can get to tons of traffic from it.

You should be in someone who is in the same niche as you. It is not the most obvious one but it is still a great option to reach out to people readers who will find your content helpful or informative

There is something you need to do or know, makes that a no-follow backlink


I know you need good high-quality images but it can affect the performance as well if not done correctly. The picture straight out of your camera or phone will be MB which is big in size for a site so, I would suggest you decrease the size KB


Name your title in such a way it arouses people curiosity or will provide information that needs in the post or article

In Meta tag, you need to include the keyword you are targeting in the first few lines which you would see in Google SERP


The post you are writing should have the same sentence right after your domain name I will take this post as example www. things4blog .xyz / SEO – tips – for – small – business


A Google service you need so, you can understand more about your website as a whole or each page performance too. You can know where your readers are from and their average age.

The country where your readers are from, Return or regular who come back more than once to your blog for more information, how long does a person spend on your website on average and those who have been in your website for the first time

These are some of the basic stats you can see them in your analytics


The moment you start building your website you should submit it as soon as you can. You are telling Google that this my site so, bots can start crawling and you want to rank in the SERP (Search Engine Result Page)

By doing this you submitting your website to Google and to rank them.
I think you would already know that SEO (Search Engine Optimization) just takes time


I mean not unnecessarily when the information or content has changed or became irrelevant then you should go through your contents and add or make changes accordingly to make it relevant. Doing it twice a year is the most recommended.

The moment you notice or see changes you should update or add more information according to your post


For WordPress, it is SSL (Secure Socket Layer) and it’s a one-time payment but a premium one will be more expensive but not compulsory. There are some hosting provider who can provide it free when you buy their hosting

In Blogger, it’s free of cost the only thing you need to is to activate it.

It might not be an important ranking factor for now but seems like it will in time.

As voice search will become more and more popular you are making your website optimized for it as well before it became the standard in the industry


Make your website a fast as possible by using less plugin or widget. Don’t be too concerned about how it looks a simple plane design will work with only necessary plugins for your website. You just need to deliver with your content

Put your URL in Google page speed insights if it does more than 60 it’s good. It will give you direction on what you can improve upon for your site. Your site needs to have a decent amount pageviews from Google so, it will have enough data to show you


If you can get quality ones even if it a few which would be a better option than tons of spammy type. Another way is to make your blog the most helpful one you can possibly make within your niche.

The people who you are targeting are the ones who would be doing this likely the first time so, always keep that in mind when you are creating


You need to make legit content in such a way you learn or understand it first and layout really helpful content in such a way that people will spread your brand or website through a social share, word of mouth because it helps people who need and receive the information from your contents.

Do networking be it offline or online as well when people start making a search about your brand it’s a good sign. It might not happen right away but if it continues you will climb in the ranking as well.

Google will take it as a legit brand doing the right things in their industry which get you a good impression and you climb in the rankings


In WordPress, you can remove it but do this only in the early days of your website because you will lose your rankings. I would only recommend doing this only when you don’t have a choice but to fix or change it

In blogger, you might be able to do it through coding but you are risking your whole blog as well

For both the platform I would suggest you update the date every year in the first few months


All I will mention are free. They are helpful in giving you ideas or suggestions but not the most accurate. the numbers you will get are mostly through estimates. There will be times it will give you the correct numbers but not all the time

I will talk about something which stands out to me for each tool I will mention here or add more in the future

a) Google trends – You can check or search your niche or industry relevancy. If it’s a dying one I would not recommend it

b) Ubersuggest– It gives you something which only paid tools to provide before this. You can check your competitor’s backlinks. who links to them