How to add ad code in Blogger | AdSense

For this blog post will be making a tutorial on how to add ad code in blogger (Adsense). You can just use the ads when you qualify for the ads for your Blogspot (blogger) blog but when you use a custom domain name you need to add the necessary pages to your blog

The verification process can take from a few days to 2 weeks as recommended by AdSense

There are cases where it took months

I would suggest you to customize the theme if you can or have someone who can do it. Another option is to buy or purchase a custom theme for your blogger blog

FIRST, Go to your blogger blog, look for THEME option on the left side of your blog and click it

SECOND, At the upper part of the page, you can see/find a button right next to customize and click on it

THIRD, A small popup age will be shown and choose/click on the Edit HTML option

LASTLY, Add the Adsense code provided to your under the head tag and click on the Save button at the upper right corner

How to remove a website from Google Adsense account

Here is a guide on how to remove a website from the Google Adsense account. it’s a platform owned by Google where the publisher and Advertisers use to earn/make money.

There will be two different types of site from my experience, a verified and non-working (not verified). In the verified site you run ads and earn/make money from it whereas a non-verified site you can’t place or run AdSense ads on their website

FIRST, Login or go to your AdSense account and click on the sites option

SECOND, Next to add sites button, click on the three dots which are placed vertically

THIRD, A small popup page will be shown and click on it which will say remove sites

FOURTH, Tick on the square box just before the site/url name and click on the remove sites text

LASTLY, Remove this site popup page will be shown and click on the remove option


There is something you need to know or keep in mind before deleting/removing a verified website from AdSense.

You need to go through the verification process all over again from submitting the website and qualify to run the AdSense ads again on your site

FIRST, log in to your account and click on the sites option

SECOND, There will triangle looking shape which is pointing downwards, click on it to expand the Domain/URL

THIRD, After it expands, click on the show details text option

FOURTH, Horizontally to your site Domain/URL name, click on the triangle looking shape which is pointing downwards

LASTLY, When it expands, click on the remove text option

How to link bank account with Google AdSense

After doing it for myself here is how to link/add bank account details/information with Google AdSense. I am writing or sharing this information after successfully earned more than the threshold, add my bank account, and receiving the money to my bank account

The option to add bank account for your payment method will only be available after you earn $10 or more

There is no need to verify your bank account by receiving a small amount from AdSense.

Just make sure to enter all the bank details/information correctly which needs to be added before the 20th of the month to start receiving money in your bank account

It can either be yours or anyone in your family account but make sure to enter/add the exact details/information in your AdSense account payment method

The payment will be processed between the 21st to 26th of every month or 2 to 5 days to receive the money in your account if you have earned the minimum threshold of $100 or more in the previous month

It can also take up to 10 to 15 days to complete the process to receive the payment or money in your bank account

On August 10, 2020, Google announced that you have to change your payment method to bank/wire transfer because you will no longer be able to use western union money transfer in 2021 and beyond

FIRST, Login to your AdSense account dashboard and choose the payment option from the left side of your interface

SECOND, You will find/have a few options, click on the add payment method text under How do you get paid

LASTLY, Under Add a payment method, fill out the options such as

Beneficiary (optional) A person name e.g Husband, Wife, Son, Daughter

Name on bank account Match it with the name in bank account

Bank name The name of your bank where you have the account

IFSC code You will be able to find this in your passbook

SWIFT BIC/BIK You need to go to your brick and mortar bank where your account is and ask or get your code which is like an identity for every banks and it’s branches to be able to receive money from abroad (foreign country)

It will be either 8 or 11 digits

Account number Enter you bank account number

Re-type account number Enter your bank account number again

Intermediary bank (ask your bank)

You will need this only if the wire/bank transfer goes through a US bank

FFC OR FBO (ask your bank) Not mandatory either for every bank

If it has optional option you can leave it blank

I use a personal or individual saving bank account so, I don’t use intermediary bank and FFC OR FBO

Check or tick the option, set as primary payment method

Click on the save button

How to change payee name in AdSense

Already have an approve or verify the account, here is how to change payee name in AdSense. It can be a personal or external reason you want to change it whatever the case may be. I think it will be more likely to be related to your information details

There is something you need to do is to make sure your new payment information details e.g bank account, name, etc. which needs to match down to every letter or number.

FIRST, Login to your account dashboard and click on the payments option

SECOND, Scroll down and Under Settings, you will see a text which says manage Settings click on it

THIRD, At the bottom part of the page, you will find payments contacts and click on the Symbol ( v ) on the side

LASTLY, It will expand under contact details click on the pen or pencil symbol and enter the name you’re preferred.

After that click on the Save button

AdSense change payment threshold

This is a guide on the AdSense change payment threshold. In the early days of your account, it will hard just to reach the minimum but as time goes on you will have more traffic and authority in your site it will increase in revenue as well. Don’t forget to keep your contents up to date as well so, you can continue to grow even bigger

As you would be familiar with it. The default minimum threshold is $100 you can set it to a higher value or number but not lower. You have the option to hold or delay your payment to a maximum of 1 ( One ) year

FIRST, Login to your account and click on the payments option on the left side of your interface

SECOND, Under Settings click on the manage Settings text option

LASTLY, Look for a payments schedule once you find it click on the pen or pencil symbol to edit it.

After changing your value or numbers, click on the Save button

How to change address in AdSense

You have an account and want to know how to change the address in AdSense. When you created your G-mail account you didn’t enter the right details or you move from the place where you used to live is a few options I can think of

When you earn a sum of $10 you can fix it. I think AdSense gives a chance to check and correct that information of mine before verifying my ID ( Identity ) and PIN ( Address ).

FIRST, Login to your dashboard and click on the Payments option

SECOND, Under Settings click on the manage Settings text

LASTLY, In payments profile look for Name and Address option and click on the Pen or Pencil symbol.

After entering your address and click on the Save button

AdSense change Country region

You need to know about the AdSense change Country region. There is an option where you can do it but it won’t do any good for you. The best option is to create a new G-mail account with the right details such as your Name, Address, Country, etc. and applied from it.

The currency, taxes, and agreement between Google and every Country is different

If the move is permanent then create a brand new account using identity card and address

If your just there for temporarily like for work or study with your family, Relative or Friends then you just need someone who can receive it for you and send you the details

You can still receive the amount you earn if it crosses $10 or more before deleting or canceling your account but if you already made more than the threshold and AdSense process the payment then you need to wait about 90 days for it to returned to your AdSense account which was sent to the wrong information

FIRST, Login to your account and click on the Account option

SECOND, By default, it will choose account information if not click on it

LASTLY, Horizontally to the time zone, you can select your country by expanding and click on save button

How to add new site in AdSense

Already have an account, this is a guide on how to add a new site in AdSense. It used to be a lot easier if you already have a verified website/blog and you can add a new one anytime.

Since the change of rules and regulations, every new site you added will be going through the same rigorous process for verification as the first one so, you can continue to use or run Ads for your websites

FIRST, Search for AdSense and sign in to your account

SECOND, On the left side of your dashboard, you will have options and click on sites

THIRD, Click on the add site button

LASTLY, After entering your Domain or URL you will be given a code to paste or add it just below the <head> tag

I have already written a blog post for each of the platforms I cover on my website. I’ll be linking to each of those posts from here and choose one depending upon your need

If you use Blogger you can refer to this post whereas if your a WordPress user you can follow this link on where or how to add your code

How to verify Id and Pin in Google AdSense

A guide on how to verify Id (Identity) and Pin in Google AdSense. I’ll elaborate it the best way I can on when I did it for mine. You can do this or have access to it only when you made or earn a total of $10 (Dollar). The minimum requirements you need to fulfill so, you can continue earning from it


The photo you upload need to show the person face and name properly which you need to turn off your flash if you’re using your smartphone or camera to take the picture

If you are from India like me you can use your any one of these such as Pan card, Aadhar card, Driving license, Passport, Voter id

FIRST, You will have a notification in account with a sentence saying your payments are currently on hold. Action is required to release payment


If you go to your payments it will also have a notification with verifying your identity yo receive payments

SECOND, It will show the popup page but will be too big to show the whole page. You need to click on the three dots vertically placed on the right upper side of your browser and put the Zoom to about 75% to fit in your monitor

LASTLY, you need to upload a photo or scan of your Passport, Driving license or National Identity card any one of them will work and click on the confirm info button


After verifying your identity, it will give you a new notification which says your payments are currently because you have not verified your address

The pin will be sent to you by post which will contain a 6 digit number.

The estimated time predicted to reach you Google AdSense will be is between 2-4 weeks but it can take shorter depending on where you live

You have only 3 tries to enter the pin but no need to panic just take you time

FIRST, Click on the notification on your account dashboard


Go to the account option in your interface

Next to Address verification click on the verified address words

LASTLY, Enter the Pin you receive through the mail which is inside the envelope and click on submit button

How to add ad code in WordPress | AdSense

You like to monetize your website/blog here is how to add ad code in WordPress even though I am concentrating only one AdSense or Google ads you can use it for others as well

A Code needs to be added in the head or header section of your site. After that, it is in the hands of the ad networks, in this case, it’s Google AdSense

FIRST, log in to your blog and click on the plugins option from your dashboard

SECOND, It will have three options after it expands and clicks on add new

THIRD, Search for ads in the box next to the keyword and Install and activate Ad Inserter. I am familiar with this but you can use others if you want

FOURTH, After this, go back again to Plugins and this time choose installed plugins

FIFTH, Just below Ad Inserter click on the bottom of the settings for more customization

LASTLY, Gear icon > Header > Paste or Add your Adsense code > Turn on the button which will become green in color > save settings


This process can also be used to add ad code as well if you want to add them directly in PHP but it’s not recommended because of new updates from WordPress will be released and could compromise you site

I just added this part for information purpose only but will not be responsible if something happens to your website/blog

FIRST, log in to your blog and click on the appearance option

SECOND, It will expand with multiple options and click on Theme editor which is the last option

LASTLY, Look for Theme editor on the under theme files, add your code just below the <head> tag and upload file