How to link bank account with Google AdSense

After doing it for myself here is how to link/add bank account details/information with Google AdSense. I am writing or sharing this information after successfully earned more than the threshold, add my bank account, and receiving the money to my bank account

The option to add bank account for your payment method will only be available after you earn $10 or more

There is no need to verify your bank account by receiving a small amount from AdSense.

Just make sure to enter all the bank details/information correctly which needs to be added before the 20th of the month to start receiving money in your bank account

It can either be yours or anyone in your family account but make sure to enter/add the exact details/information in your AdSense account payment method

The payment will be processed between the 21st to 26th of every month or 2 to 5 days to receive the money in your account if you have earned the minimum threshold of $100 or more in the previous month

It can also take up to 10 to 15 days to complete the process to receive the payment or money in your bank account

On August 10, 2020, Google announced that you have to change your payment method to bank/wire transfer because you will no longer be able to use western union money transfer in 2021 and beyond

FIRST, Login to your AdSense account dashboard and choose the payment option from the left side of your interface

SECOND, You will find/have a few options, click on the add payment method text under How do you get paid

LASTLY, Under Add a payment method, fill out the options such as

Beneficiary (optional) A person name e.g Husband, Wife, Son, Daughter

Name on bank account Match it with the name in bank account

Bank name The name of your bank where you have the account

IFSC code You will be able to find this in your passbook

SWIFT BIC/BIK You need to go to your brick and mortar bank where your account is and ask or get your code which is like an identity for every banks and it’s branches to be able to receive money from abroad (foreign country)

It will be either 8 or 11 digits

Account number Enter you bank account number

Re-type account number Enter your bank account number again

Intermediary bank (ask your bank)

You will need this only if the wire/bank transfer goes through a US bank

FFC OR FBO (ask your bank) Not mandatory either for every bank

If it has optional option you can leave it blank

I use a personal or individual saving bank account so, I don’t use intermediary bank and FFC OR FBO

Check or tick the option, set as primary payment method

Click on the save button

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