How to change Google analytics email

A tutorial with a step by step guide on how to change Google analytics email. The process is to transfer it to your new email or another person and make that account the Administrator, in other words, it will have permission for all the roles and responsibilities

Make sure to read all the instructions so, you won’t miss something and fail to make the changes

FIRST, log in to your account dashboard, click on the Admin ( Gear icon ) on the bottom left side and choose account user management under Account

SECOND, A page will slide in from the right side of your monitor, click on the circle with the plus sign in it and choose to add users

THIRD, Enter your preferred email address, check/tick all the options under permission such as edit, collaborate, Read & Analyse and Manage users

Click on the add button at the upper right side

LASTLY, Open or check your email the one you entered in Analytics and click on the link on the email

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