AdSense change payment threshold

This is a guide on the AdSense change payment threshold. In the early days of your account, it will hard just to reach the minimum but as time goes on you will have more traffic and authority in your site it will increase in revenue as well. Don’t forget to keep your contents up to date as well so, you can continue to grow even bigger

As you would be familiar with it. The default minimum threshold is $100 you can set it to a higher value or number but not lower. You have the option to hold or delay your payment to a maximum of 1 ( One ) year

FIRST, Login to your account and click on the payments option on the left side of your interface

SECOND, Under Settings click on the manage Settings text option

LASTLY, Look for a payments schedule once you find it click on the pen or pencil symbol to edit it.

After changing your value or numbers, click on the Save button

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