How to add header image in WordPress

Here is how to add a header image in WordPress. As you would be familiar and heard this a lot don’t use images that are big in size means memory. I would say do the same thing for this as well. You can use an editor or online tool to compress it

The recommended image size will be different for every theme provided accordingly be it free or paid

I use the Twenty Sixteen theme/The simplest provided by WordPress which is free. The recommended size is 1200 x 280 pixels for a header

I will still recommend you to compress your image file size to help the loading speed of your site even if its a little bit

FIRST, log in to your blog dashboard and click on the appearance option

SECOND, Choose header option when it expands with multiple options

THIRD, Click on the Add new image button when a page will slide in from the left side of your monitor

FOURTH, Click on select files button to browse through your computer for your image

FIFTH, After loading your image, click on select and crop button on the bottom right corner

SIXTH, Choose the skip cropping option but you have the option to crop your image if you want as well

LASTLY, To save it, click on the publish button

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