How to change post category in WordPress

The steps required on how to change the post category in WordPress. As you start making contents for your website or blog as the amount increases with time and work you will need to group or re-shuffle what posts are to be put together

This is a simple and easy method that anyone can follow along too when you want to make changes

FIRST, Login or sign in to your WordPress blog and click on posts

SECOND, It will expand with multiple options and click on All posts if not chosen by default

THIRD, Go to your post, move your cursor around it and click on the quick edit option

LASTLY, Under categories, remove the tick from the box by clicking on it and assign it to a new one by ticking a new one.

To make the changes by clicking on the update button

How to add pages in Blogger

Let me guide you on how to add pages on blogger. it’s something every website or blog owner needs because you never know what will happen and can save you from troubles.

They are part of your blog but does not work or perform like your posts where you teach or guide your readers

The pages you need are About us, Privacy Policy, Terms, and conditions or terms of use, and disclaimer.

You need to work on your about us by yourself or get help if you can’t and for the contact form you can just use add a widget

You can generate a Privacy policy for free on privacy policy generator. The likes of Terms and conditions, a disclaimer for free if you are an individual in termsfeed

FIRST, Go to your blogger blog and click on pages from the options

SECOND, click on the orange color circle with a plus sign logo within it to create new pages just like you would make a post by copy and paste the contents you generated. It is where you can create your about, privacy policy, disclaimer and terms & conditions

THIRD, Enter the about, privacy policy, disclaimer and terms & conditions in the title (1) according to the page you are adding/creating

Paste/add the contents in the text box (2)

At the upper right side, click on the triangle shape which is pointing the right side to save (3).


FIRST, Go back to your dashboard in blogger and choose the layout option

SECOND, Scroll down to the bottom of the page, click on add a gadget option to any of the options which has label footer

THIRD, A popup page with multiples options will be shown and choose/click on pages

LASTLY, Tick all the pages you added or want to show at the bottom of your website/blog and click on the save button

How to delete category in WordPress

Let me guide you on how to delete a category in WordPress. It is beneficial for the website owner as well as the visitor where both can navigate through the contents and can expect to find what kind of posts is in which one.

By default, it will give you one when you create a new site. The name can be changed but not deleted

The visitor can expect what to find or see in that specific category whereas it makes it easier website owner when one needs to edit, update, etc.

FIRST, Login to your dashboard and click on posts

SECOND, It will expand with a few more options and from among them choose and click on categories

LASTLY, You will find yours on this page, tick the box, select delete and click on apply.


By doing this, your blog post will not get deleted only the category


The steps required on how to make a category in WordPress. It is not that complicated to make one. You can learn it right with some experience with blogging

Just follow the first and second steps on the above post where you will be in categories

Under add a new category, enter a name for your category and at the bottom part click on the add new category button to make one

I think you already know how to name yours

How to manually install plugin in WordPress

Let’s go through on how to manually install plugin in WordPress. There are two reasons I can think of one will be to customize your theme in the way you would like and the other would be for ads

I would not recommend doing this for your blog or website unless it is from a reputed company or individual because you’re risking your site to hackers or scammers

FIRST, Login to your blog and click on plugin from your dashboard

SECOND, It will expand with a few options and choose and click on installed plugins

THIRD, Click on Add new which on the top part of the page

FOURTH, It will load a new page with upload plugin button and click on it

FIFTH, Click on choose file and browse through your computer to upload the .zip format file or you can do a drag and drop of the file

LASTLY, After it’s done loading the file and click on activate the plugin

How to add image in WordPress posts

A guide on how to upload an image/photos in WordPress. There are different ways but the one I am covering is the simplest one of them all. If you are a blogger who is a newbie or experienced. You would know that it helps you with your ranking one way or another

if you can or have access to infographic image or animation I would suggest you to use it explain your content or you can just use .jpeg image or photo but make sure they are in KB (kilobyte) not in MB (megabyte)

Just, for example, I use a screenshot image or picture to make a certain task easier or simpler.

FIRST, I will skip all the process of login, create a new post, and everything in between. While you are working on your content, every time you go to a new paragraph a symbol will be shown on the right side.

The one on the left end where you can find/see a square with a plus (+) in it and click on it

SECOND, A pop up small page will be shown and click on the image option which has the avatar and text

FINISH, A rectangular box with three buttons or options will be shown.

UPLOAD button will be to use from your PC or Computer by navigation through your save files

MEDIA LIBRARY button will be used if want to re-use images which have been uploaded before for your other contents

INSERT FROM URL button will be useful if you really want to use other works or image which have copyright and to link it back to its the source. Click on the crooked arrow to apply or activate the link

How to rename category in WordPress

You need to put together related topics this is how to rename category in WordPress. It was named something else when you started as the content increases in the amount it doesn’t fit anymore.

There are multiple reasons and it will be different for everyone else a few things I can tell would be the contents became broader as the posts or article increase.

You need a name which covers a larger topic or breaks it down to a smaller concentrated topic by distribution the content

FIRST, Login or sign in and click on posts to go to your contents

SECOND, It will expand with multiple options and choose and click on categories

THIRD, Hover your cursor around the one you want to rename and when you have multiple options shown. Click on the quick edit

LASTLY, You just need to change the name section or box and click on the update category button which is on the bottom right side

How to add tags in WordPress

This blog post is about how to add tags in WordPress. I think this is more like a preference depending upon an individual. Some might like it or some might not. The process is without the help of any plugin

The decision up to you whether you would like to add them or not. If you are someone who feels reassured by adding them you should or if you are someone who doesn’t mind then it’s okay not to add them

FIRST, Login to your blog and click on posts from the options which are on your left side

SECOND, Move your cursor around a blog post and click on the quick edit option

LASTLY, Under tags section on the far left side box add the words or sentence and click on the update button


This part is about how to remove tags in WordPress. You can consider this as a duplicate title to optimize the content but the words or sentence still need to match or similar with the post or article

The first and second steps will be the same from the above post. You can use it for reference

In this part, delete or remove the contents which is words or sentence and after that click on the update button

How to add HTML code in WordPress

Just follow these steps on how to add HTML code in WordPress. The one I will be showing you in this post would be pasting the code on your sidebar which is mostly used for ads, promotion, affiliate banners, etc.

According to your theme, it will be different where and how many you can add through a widget. A free or paid ones also does make a difference too

FIRST, Login to your blog or site. Choose and click on the appearance on the editing options which is on your left side of the interface

SECOND, It will expand, by default it will choose themes if not click on themes

THIRD, You will have a page slide in from your left side with options and click on the widgets

FOURTH, I will choose the sidebar but it will be different from themes to themes with the options on where you can add them

FIFTH, At the bottom from the options you have, click on add a widget button

SIXTH, A popup page will open with multiple options. Scroll through the options add or click on custom HTML

LASTLY, In the content box add your code and click on publish button on the top of the page

How to embed YouTube video in WordPress

You need videos here is how to embed/add YouTube videos in WordPress. A format a lot is considering if not all because you need to improve your bounce rate and can indirectly improve your SEO for your website or blog.

To be honest I am guilty of this too because I prefer to watch a video about it then read a blog post. If I have to choose a format of learning about something

It’s something you should consider and even if you can make a decent one’s you already have an advantage

FIRST, Move your cursor around the paragraph box and click on the add block (plus sign or symbol in it)

SECOND, You will have a small popup page with multiple options, scroll down expand the Embeds option

THIRD, Among the options choose and click on YouTube

LASTLY, Go to YouTube and copy the URL of the video and paste it in the long rectangular box then Click on the embed button

How to add tagline in WordPress

Let’s go through the steps on how to add a tagline in WordPress. I bet you all a familiar with brands big or small they all have one which is usually a few words or a small sentence. You can see or notice it in their ads too.

It will be a good choice to have for your blog as well because you are building a brand too but copy or rip off from other brands won’t be a good idea until you find or come up with one for yourself

FIRST, Login to your blog and choose and click on the settings which are on the options of your left interface

SECOND, Under settings by default, it will choose and picks on general if not click on general

LASTLY, You can find a tagline wordings with a rectangular box next to it where you can enter your words or sentence

After you are done with all these, at the bottom of the page click on the save changes button